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About AEA

“Aide et Action strongly believes that Education is a fundamental human right.
Education changes the world.”


Our Mission

Ensure the Right to Education for Everyone

Improve Quality of Education

Enable the Underprivileged Population to Integrate into Society


The Origin of AEA

In 1980, a young man Mr. Pierre Bernard Le Bas traveled from France to India for an internship. Seeing the strong contrast between the prosperity and the slums, he started thinking about the problems brought by developments. In February 1981, he founded Aide et Action in France, embarked upon an educational project and raised funds for the poorly-equipped schools in southern India. 

“Aide et Action”, as known as AEA, means “aid and action”. In the past 30 years, we have been dedicated to providing education for people who are marginalized because of poverty, races, genders, disabilities, etc.


Aide et Action Hong Kong Office

In 2007, AEA was internationalized with headquarters in Geneva of Switzerland. The Hong Kong office was set up in 2008,
to promote AEAI’s works and raise resources to support AEA’s global projects.

Aide et Action Hong Kong is a registered charitable organization recognized by the Hong Kong Government
under the registered name of “Aide et Action Education Foundation” (IRD no. 91/9502).